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Hotel Palace Bonvecchiati Venice

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The Palace Bonvecchiati in the real historical heart of Venice is synonym of luxury and design as well as of refined environments in an absolutely contemporary style, where the modern Italian design is the protagonist.
Live a unique and unforgettable journey in a modern hotel which proposes to its guests a new concept of hospitality: not anymore the typical Venitian tradition of the 18th century, but a new concept of hotel which is very cosmopolitan, functional, with efficient modern services, perfect for business or pleasure travellers.
Add the unique charm of the great ancient traditions of the Serenissima with the taste for anything modern: the hall already will remark this, with an elegant show of canvases of contemporary taste in environments dominated by red sofas on traditional Venetian floors surrounded by sparkling marbles on the walls.
For your relaxing moments, the breakfast room (American buffet style with local deliciousness too) and the restaurant complete the great charm and the sophisticated and resolute refines of these new settings.

The Hotel services follow this new philosophy: from the kindness of the Concierge at your disposal for every need, to the transfers, from guided visits in the city or in the isles to the baby-sitting service for your children and the wellness centre, absolutely exclusive, which offers extraordinary views over the city.

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Palace Bonvecchiati, San Marco - Venice

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